Presentation of "Mechanics of Rigid Bodies"



The book "Mechanics of Rigid Bodies" develops a unified approach to the
problems of the Mechanics of Solids.


The development is based on a generalized use of the concept of “torseur” (in French). We think that this concept is not used in the English textbooks. We will call this concept as “torsor”.


After a first part where the necessary elements of mathematics are recalled, the book is structured through four parts of increasing difficulties in such a way to have a good assimilation of the concepts.

 A sixth part analyses the numerical methods used to solve the motion equations. Comments reported at the end of each chapter summarize the fundamental notions which must which must be acquired. 


Examples and simple exercises are associated to each chapter with the object to familiarize the reader with the fundamental tools needed to solve the problems of Mechanics of Solids.

A last part develops the solutions of the exercises which are proposed all along the book.