Matlab and Scilab


   The calculations carried out in the textbooks “Composite Materials” presented in this site, as those carried out in the last part of “Mechanics of Solids” were implemented with the Matlab software.

   Matlab is a software of development and of programming very advanced, intended to the scientific researchers, the engineers and students of the fields of Physics, Mechanics, etc. Matlab allows solving under numerical form very complex problems which can require great powers of calculation.

    This tool used usually within the scientific communities is unfortunately not accessible to an isolated scientist, taking into account his cost. Fortunately, there exists a software in the same standard Scilab which makes it possible to solve all the problems analyzed in this site with Matlab.

    Scilab is a software “open source” which can be free downloaded: . All the numerical problems implemented in this site with Matlab can be solved with Scilab at the cost of some modifications of the control programs of execution.