The book is the English translation of the French Book "Matériaux Composites. Comportement mécanique et analyse des structures" Matériaux Composites.


The book presents a clear and comprehensive treatment of the fundamental concepts needed to model the mechanical behaviour of composite materials, to analyse laminate and sandwich plates, and to apply the results to the analysis of composite structures. Exercises illustrate the different concepts which are considered.


The book is divided into five parts. The first part is an introduction to composite materials, their constituents and the basic moulding processes. The second part develops the fundamental concepts needed for the analysis of mechanical behaviour of composite materials and structures. The third part considers the elastic behaviour and the fracture processes induced in composite materials at the level of the constituents. The fourth part discusses laminate and sandwich plates, developing the fundamental theories, then discussing applications and analysing the transverse shear effects. The fifth part treats bending, buckling and vibrations of composite structures.


The book is published by Springer, New York.