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Springer and Composites. In late 1998, Springer publishes the book “Composite Materials. Mechanical Behavior and Structural Analysis” by Jean-Marie Berthelot, translation of the French book “Matériaux composites.Comportement mécanique  et analyse des Structures”.   Since 2001, more no fee is paid to the author. And impossible to know the number of sold books (in France of 100 to 150 books per year). In the rest of the world, sold 10 times, 100 times? In 2013, it is even published a 2nd edition by Springer. In fact, simply the transformation of the original book with hardcover to a softcover edition. But no changes to the text.

The author is currently preparing a new version with a simple rearrangement of the parts of the book leading to a change of the title of the book: “Composite Materials. From the constituents to the Mechanical Design of Structures” and a few slight changes in the text. We expect your reactions, comments…information.

Contact: Jean-Marie  Berthelot

novembre 2018



Materials and Subjects


The site presents text-books in English about Mechanical Behaviour of Composite Materials and about Mechanics of Rigid Bodies and Solids, for undergraduate and graduate studients.

Some ones are available by downloading PDF files from the site.


Torsors, kinematic torsor, kinetic torsor, dynamic torsor, mechanical actions, liaisons, etc.;

Unidirectional composite, Orthotropic composite, Classical laminate theory, energetic formulation, etc.

Composite Materials: Laminate and Sandwich Materials.

Mechanics of Rigid Bodies.



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Jean-Marie Berthelot, the author of the books, is an Honorary Professor of Universities, Le Mans, France. He took part to the installation of the Institute for Advanced Materials and Mechanics (ISMANS), Le Mans, France. His current research is on the Mechanical Behaviour of Composite Materials and Structures.



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